TIME FOR AN UPDATE! A few thoughts from Elaine . . .

1.  BRAND NEW GROUP CLASSES for this fall – WOW! – Andrea England for the Songwriters’ Class,  Sarah Fisher (Degrassi) for the Glee Class, Judy Marshak helming our Ukulele class, Chris Tsujiuchi in the Musical Theatre class, along with our one and only Michael Hanrahan, the legendary Louisa Burgess for our most popular Discovery Class, and then Michael & I will push the boundaries in our Performance Mastery class.  For much more information, CLICK HERE
2. ‘SINGER OF THE WEEK’ - Check out this page to see what so very many singers passing through Big Voice Studios are accomplishing.  The accolades, awards, record deals, concert tours, graduations, and the hours of practice time, are proof of the very hard work and great talent that we are so very lucky to be a part of.
3.  NEW TEACHERS – Welcome to Kat Lucas, Denielle Bassels and Kristina Minchopoulos to our studio!  I like to think that I can spot really gifted teachers and coaches.  All 3 of these ladies are ‘out there’ in the performing world, yet are brilliant coaches, helping others to create truly brilliant careers in music.
4.  ELYSE EVANGLISTA – Welcome to our new studio manager!  She has taken over the reins with barely a blip, and is making Big Voice an even better place to create and do business.
5.  THE BIG VOICE DVD & WARM-UP CD – Still being sold around the world!  CLICK HERE
6.  BIG VOICE TV SHOW! Thank you to all the people who contact me weekly after watching the show, now airing around the US.  Your stories are heart-warming and powerful.  We’ll try and convince a network to produce and run more of these inspiring episodes of people finally being able to find their ‘Big Voice’ and accomplish their dream of singing.
7.  THE POWER OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT never ceases to amaze me – to overcome adversity, deeply-set destructive emotional patterns, and blast our way into new joyful territory.  The human voice always seems to be such an area in which we need to feel that power – to communicate our deepest, darkest and most wildly wonderful ideas clearly, and without fear.  Sometimes, it’s just the smallest ‘shift’ to another knowledge or consciousness that leads us to a new and better ‘voice’ in our world.   Every day, someone sits in front of me, wanting to grasp onto that place in their being that allows them to go fearlessly into that new territory. And they do!  As a coach / teacher, I take that so very seriously.  How many tears of joy are shed when we can tap into the powerful, childlike wonder still inside of us.  Then, to take that fearless wonderment with olympic-style repetition, and turn it into creative and uplifting art is so incredibly gratifying. Thank you for all the tears we share during our time together at Big Voice Studios.


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