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Thank you for dropping by my site! Honest to God, I have the best job in the world!! Let me update you on the goings-on here at Big Voice Studios. I hope you will be inspired to keep on pursuing your craft and passion for singing. The new Spring Classes are going to be powerful. Check them out.It is thrilling to know that my TV Series “Big Voice” is now running on The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). The stories are pretty inspiring as we watch each “star” on the show achieve her dream. Please support us by visiting the OWN website, Facebook, Twitter and share with your friends! This is the ‘little show that could’. If they see that you are following the show, we will be renewed!We have just begun a Songwriters’ Night that will be moving to a new and larger venue (due to popular demand). Last week, the evening was truly magical, with songwriter Adam Crossley being our first featured guest. And thank you to all the songwriters who got up and performed their original material, including Meredith Shaw, Patrick Ballantyne, Rosslyn Picton, Nate Hall, Krista Earle and Parmida.

I am thrilled to have been asked to be on the jury for the international Glenn Gould Prize, where we will be choosing the next Laureate which is awarded to an individual for a unique lifetime contribution that has enriched the human condition through the arts. The Glenn Gould Prize promotes the vital connection between artistic excellence and the transformation of lives. Fellow jurors include Stephen Fry, Atom Egoyan, Dadawa, and others.

For those of you who can’t make it to my studio in Toronto, please check out the “BIG VOICE DVD Package”, a DVD and CD set that includes all of my techniques and interesting need-to-know “secrets” about the music industry. It will be available soon through downloading from my site. Stay tuned . . . . . and ALWAYS sing !!

Love, Elaine


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