Elaine Overholt’s

“Big Voice Vocal Warm-up and Workout”

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WE’RE TEACHING ON Zoom, FaceTime & Skype!

We hope that you and your family are doing well in this unprecedented time in our history! Our Big Voice teachers are fully engaged in private Online lessons mostly via Zoom.  Our goal is to keep all of our students and teachers safe, and yet continue to work towards the goals of each singer as well as bring the joy of music into your lives and homes during this very trying time. 

OUR COACHES & TEACHERS: Once Elaine Overholt, founder of Big Voice Studios, matches you up, based on the details you give, she will suggest the best fit for you for a private teacher.  Each teacher will then deal directly with you and let you know what their fee will be.  Again, for the Teacher’s Bios: Go to the “Our Teachers” page.

Please contact us at: info@bigvoicestudios.com and Elaine Overholt will  lead you through setting up for online lessons!

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E-mail: info@bigvoicestudios.com

Mission Statement – Big Voice Studios  

The mission of Big Voice Studios is to transform the human spirit by fostering the development of one’s most unique and powerful vocal expression, through healthy technique and strong performance.

Through the discovery and repetition of beautiful and resonant tone, relaxed and primal physical grounding, quality repertoire, attention to text and the bravery of risk-taking performance, each singer and speaker will be led to find their authentic voice and to powerfully communicate their unique vision with this Big Voice – the voice that has something to say to the world – and change it.

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