Private Lessons

We are Currently Accepting New Students from Beginner to Professional Singers!


As far as Elaine is concerned, you are an Olympic athlete of the singing world. You must understand fully and completely how to train, warm-up and work out your voice on a consistent basis in order to develop technique, stamina and artistry.

Then, as an inspired performer, your voice is free to express your deepest emotions and thoughts in your most powerful and magical performance.

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“As you free yourself from your own personal muscle and psychological tensions, discover the centre core of your voice through resonance work, and build your ability to support through proper breathing, you will discover your physical Big Voice. Then your inner Big Voice will begin to emerge – the voice that is completely different from every other person on the planet – the voice of raw emotional power that has something to say.”

Elaine Overholt

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THE PRIVATE LESSON — Vocal Technique & Performance Coaching

A private lesson with Elaine Overholt and the vocal coaches at Big Voice Studios is different with every individual. For some, the lesson will include some technique concepts such as grounding, relaxation, resonance & breathing exercises, depending on the individual. Next these concepts will be put to practice within the chosen song.

Sometimes your work will be all about your “performance technique” – putting your performance or show together—from song choice, to carefully crafting each song, to the “patter” or talk between songs, to movement, to communicating your intentions most powerfully.

Each singer works on material relevant to them, whether it is classical, country, rock, pop, hip-hop, jazz or country. Elaine and all of Big Voice vocal coaches especially love working on original material that the singer has written because it is important to develop the creative spirit in every possible way!

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Please bring one piece of music to sing (any genre) with either piano sheet music, a YouTube backing track (ie/ karaoke track) for accompaniment or original instrumental track. If you play the guitar or piano you are welcome to accompany yourself. Back to Top

What to Expect from Elaine Overholt and the BIG VOICE teachers

Each teacher will…

  1. Give you 100% of their ability, energy and love for music.
  2. Help you find your most authentic and powerful voice.
  3. Make all comments in a spirit of encouragement, love and honesty.
  4. Record each of your lessons on GarageBand and have it emailed to you at home to work with.
  5. Provide a safe and creative studio for you to explore your voice.

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What We Expect From You

  1. 100% of your attention, energy and love for music
  2. To arrive on time with work prepared
  3. To ask questions
  4. To “Go for It” with complete commitment

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Our Cancellation Policy

Effective January 1st, 2021

Our 24hr Cancellation Policy, which we believe is fair to our students, our coaches and the studio is as follows;

Cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours before your lesson time or you will be charged the full amount of the lesson – and unfortunately, there will be no exceptions.

Note: In the case of singers who consistently cancel lessons, even outside the 24-hour notice period, the studio and/or coach may suggest that you hold off on booking further lessons until you are able to commit to this arrangement.

Methods of Payment

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Prices range from $90 – $140.00 for a one-hour lesson, depending on the coach.  Each teacher / coach has their own individual fee and they will inform you at the first email with them.

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Each teacher is teaching either online or in person at their individual Home Studios.  Since the pandemic, most teachers are finding great success with online lessons, and they are well set-up for it!

“Every individual on the planet has an incredibly unique
and powerful voice waiting to be set free…”
– Elaine Overholt

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If you want to speak with more confidence, Elaine’s exercises will open up your speaking voice, by relaxing the musculature, maximizing placement and building strength in the vocal cords. You will learn how to create your own very powerful intention through paying attention to every single split second of every word, every consonant, every thought.

To book a consultation please contact

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If you have any pain in the throat, lose your voice easily, or have a constant “breathy” sound, you should see a throat specialist before doing any more singing or excessive speaking. A Laryngologist or ENT Specialist (Ear, Nose, and Throat) will be able to diagnose any infection, excessive vocal stress, allergies, or any vocal damage such as nodes or polyps. Elaine Overholt works alongside many ENT Specialists and Laryngologists in rehabilitating damaged voices.

To book a consultation please contact

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Past Students

Richard Gere

Nikki Blonsky

Zac Efron

Megan Fox and Elaine

Lindsay Lohan and Elaine

Michelle Pfeiffer and Elaine

James Marsden and Elaine

Amanda Bynes and Elaine

Carmen Electra, Eugene Levy, and Elaine

Renee Zellweger
Catherine Zeta Jones
Richard Gere
Queen Latifah
Ellen DeGeneres
John Travolta
Michelle Pfeiffer
Zac Efron
Nikki Blonsky
James Marsden
Elijah Kelley
Brittany Snow
Amanda Bynes
Eugene Levy
Carmen Electra
Lindsay Lohan
Megan Fox
Keshia Chante
Jim Cuddy
Alannah Myles
Carol Kane
Holly Stell
Amy Sky
Take Three
Kalan Porter
Melissa O'Neill
Rex Goudie
Eva Avila
Stephanie Martin
Amanda Martinez
Vanessa Olivarez
Colin Mochrie
Skye Sweetnam
Sarah Cornell
Tamara Podemski
Meredith Henderson
Elicia MacKenzie
Trish Stratus
Steven Segal
Ali Slaight
Rex Harrington
Sharon, Lois and Bram
Carla Collins
Amanda Stott
Andy Stochansky
Deb McGrath
Jackie Richardson
Sterling Jarvis
Yvan Pedneault
Michael Kaeshammer
Aselin Debison
Sophie Milman
Nathan Ferraro (The Midway State)
Dee Kaye Ibomeka
Lauren Margison
Chris Dallo
Laila Biali
Emilie Claire-Barlow
Tajja Isen
Liona Boyd
Paul Gross
Susan Aglukark
Slyk Toxyk
I Mother Earth
Rebel Emergency

Cast members of
Hairspray (NYC & Toronto),
Mamma Mia,
The Producers (NYC),
Rent (NYC),
Les Miserables (Toronto),
The Shaw Festival,
The Stratford Festival,
Mirvish Productions,
The Sound of Music (Toronto),
We Will Rock You (Toronto),
Beauty and the Beast

The National Ballet of Canada,
The San Francisco Ballet

Artists signed to
Universal Records,
EMI Records,
Chris Smith Management

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