Alumni News

Congrats to FRANCESCO YATES – for signing with Atlantic Records U.S., with Pharrell Williams producing his first EP and tapping him as “the next big thing”. The great artistry that Francesco has always strived for in his singing, guitar work, and his writing is in his new R&B track “Honey, I’m Home”

Check out Francesco’s story at:

SHAWN MENDES – His new self titled album Shawn Mendes is incredible!.  He’s on fire!  He’s warming up every single day!

COLEMAN HELL – for his brilliant North American tour and recent performance at Edgefest.  Break a leg Coleman!  Your single “2 Heads” is awesome.  Distributed by 604 Records and Columbia Records.  I LOVE your voice.

MAJID JORDAN – for getting signed to Drake’s label “OVO Sound”.

LYRIC DUBEE – Amazing singer/songwriter, Lyric is constantly writing and producing outstanding music! Listen to it here:

MARK MASRI – Extraordinary singer / songwriter / producer!  Congrats on your recent PBS Special, aired through North America.

AJ BRIDEL & GRAHAM SCOTT-FLEMING – for their brilliant performances in lead roles in the Toronto production of “Kinky Boots”

CHLOE CHARLES – Releasing her new Album on September 4th, titled “With Blind Folds ON” AND she has just started her tour of GERMANY! Check her out!

ERIKA DACUNHA – for your coming out ON TOP after thyroid removal. You’re singing again!  You are one of the strongest people I know!  Your songwriting is brilliant and your voice mesmerizes all of us.  You change lives.

HONEY JAM – Thanks to Ebonnie Rowe and all the finalists of this year’s 20th anniversary of Honey Jam, with whom I had the opportunity to work. All at The Mod Club showcase had an awesome time.

CALUM GRAHAM –  This is world-class guitar playing at its best!  And his voice….Mmmm!

KOLTON STEWART – Currently starring the new hit TV series ” Some Assembly Required ” on YTV! Great work Kolton!

LUKA MIHAJLOVIC – 12 yr. old Luka with a song he co-wrote with Robert Michele Quilico “In The End”.  This is a brilliant pop tune!  (Rapper Nicki Minaj is in love with Luka!) (Luka was sick for 3 weeks after the shooting of this video!)  Suffering for our work.

ROBERT HUTCHINSON – Congrats to Robert who was accepted into the full-time theatre conservatory program at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC!

If we have left you out, it is not intentional!  Let us know of your goings-on.  We are so happy for all of you.

Designed by Anna Mastin